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Last updated on November 3, 2018


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The Colorado Dairy Goat Association (CDGA) promotes dairy goats and provides information about dairy goats, goat milk and milk products.  Established in 1976, they sponsor dairy goat shows, 4-H, and youth projects.  Owning dairy goats can benefit the home economy, as well as offering goat owners meaningful training in animal husbandry and enjoyable social interaction.  CDGA strives to promote these goals and to improve the image of the dairy goat. CDGA members benefit from the availability of  sound information on such topics as selective breeding, DHIR testing, and Classification and judging.  Whether your interest in goats is for having your own milk supply, or for competing in shows, or if you just like goats, please consider joining CDGA.  We welcome everyone, and we would value your help in sustaining and building the dairy goat industry.

President: Melanie Bohren, mel_coward@yahoo.com

Vice President : Lisa Maclean, mranch@hush.com

Secretary: Jennifer Crismon, jcrismon@hotmail.com

Treasurer : Pam Bartholf, pamelabartholf@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor: Joseph Larson, joseph.larson2@gmail.com

Youth Team : Marilou Webb, southforklm@aol.com